"Since starting the R.E.S.T. program, I have experienced rapid and drastic change in my life like never before. I had chronic mid and lower back pain, had just quit my job, and was feeling hopeless. As the sessions progressed I started to see movement - I went from being stuck, to overwhelmed with options. I was skeptical at first, but the results speak for themselves. "This work has been life-changing for me"...Michele"


"The R.E.S.T. course has been very informative and powerful training. The array of emotions stored in muscle tissue was quite profounding to discover. I believe the power of touch in a secure environment, provides the opportunity for the individual to release these anchors that have caused postural distortions. "The training affirmed the body/mind connection"...Valerie


"At a young age I grew 4 inches in one month, which caused a defect in my feet...they turned away from each other. After being emotionally drained for 15 years, R.E.S.T. provided the direction for me to discover something about myself and my family. After session one my feet are straight and I'm ecstatic. I now truly stand on my own two feet thanks to the R.E.S.T. program...forever grateful - TJ"


"In Kelly's R.E.S.T. class I learned that our beliefs create our lives. I broke my foot after sessions five and six. I believe the reason this happened was that I was planting my feet and refusing out of fear to move forward into real success.
"The R.E.S.T. sessions have helped me become more aware of my basic belief system and offered a more healthy way of thinking, which has begun a process of change in my life"...Jan"


"Life Changing...The most powerful work I've ever experienced in my career thus far as a Licensed Massage Therapist...Amiee"


I have experienced my first session. It was amazing!! I have had back pain for about 15-20 years. After 1 session I have very little to no back pain. I am trying to get my photography business going with very little success, but after 1 session things are coming together and starting to move forward. Kelly Genna is very professional and personal with her clients. She truly cares about each client she sees. I couldn't be happier that I have started this process and I can't wait to see what the future holds, because I know it is going to be wonderful. It is a very emotional and eye opening experience. Everyone that wants to improve their lives should contact Kelly and schedule your REST sessions, it will change your life!

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