On the Other side of Forgiveness

August 11th-13th, 2017

Spend the weekend with Kelly Hughs as she facilitates a retreat that provides the opportunity to step away from your life and clear the way to explore forgiveness in a non-judgmental, loving way. Perhaps discovering fear based emotions such as anger, resentment, or guilt through Guided Imagery, yoga or deep breath work, that you may not even be aware that you are still carrying with you regarding an experience involving a person, place or thing that left you with feelings of unworthiness, or abandonment.

With the understanding and acknowledgement of the price that is being paid, mentally and physically, to hold on to these memories, you will have a different perspective on and in investment in Forgiving. Releasing the need to control, or hold on to the armor that has protected you from the pain will return peace back into your life. Taking your power back through the belief in knowing that forgiveness comes from the understanding that we all do the very best that we know how in the moment. Without this understanding it is difficult to release emotional attachment to the events that resulted in fear based memories. You will have the opportunity for journaling, reflective walks and stillness as part of this powerful healing weekend as you move towards the other side of forgiveness.  

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52 CE's

The R.E.S.T. 7 day Intensive Training will provide the Massage Therapist with the advanced clinical skill of understanding Emotional Anatomy and the application of the interpretation when working with Structural Distortions of the body. Instruction will be provided on how to perform a Body Analysis, utilizing the Ten Session Protocol as a guide, to determine the areas of fascia restriction. Myofascial Spreading is the modality of focus to include lecture, demonstration and hands-on application. By the end of the 7- Day Intensive Training the Massage Therapist will be capable of creating a Report of Findings that illustrates the progression of each session based on pre and post photographs, the information provided by the client and Reflective listening documentation found on the R.E.S.T. Confidential Medical History Form.


The methodology behind R.E.S.T. is in alignment with the science of Epigenics that states that its the Environment and Belief Systems within the cells of the body themselves and in a persons current life that determine a persons mental and physical wellbeing . The environment of the physical and non-physical properties of the connective tissue and the energetic vibratory rate of an individual determines their health.


R.E.S.T. Practitioners identify the structural interferences and the self-limiting beliefs systems that create symptoms of emotional and physical pain.


Once you have completed the 7-Day Intensive (52 CE) you can apply to certify as a Certified R.E.S.T. Practitioner by completing the practical requirements and sitting for a written exam.



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Nashville, TN - Homewood Suites Nashville Airport

August 21st-27th, 2017

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Seven Springs Holistic Retreats, Maryville, TN

September 16th-23rd, 2017

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Tazewell, TN - Well Being Retreat Center - March 11th-18th, 2018

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